COP26: Now or never. South Africa.

09 Nov 2021
Image: Amitava Chandra, via Climate Visuals Countdown | Words: U&i via YouTube
09 Nov 2021

COP26. The global climate conference.

The COP conferences are an annual event that drives the direction for tackling one of the greatest threats humanities has ever experienced. Climate change. COP26 will bring together world leaders with the intention of reaching a new global agreement that will help to reduce emissions immediately and prevent the worst effects of climate-related disasters.

We are most familiar with the successes of some of the previous COPs, mostly the Paris Accord, COP21. Many will be hoping for a similar agreement in Glasgow this year. U&i Global explores how climate change is experienced and tackled in three countries: The UK, The Philippines, and South Africa. We also explore this issue at three levels, local, national and global.

This COP26 campaign is here to inspire individuals to believe that they can make a difference for a more sustainable future.